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VIADUCT Services: Technology Assessment


Technology Assessment

Technology Assessments provide critical information and details about the existing Information Technology (IT) environment. Generally, the information obtained from an assessment is used for migration planning (proactive) or for corrective action (reactive) to address an unplanned system anomaly or specific business concern.

Standard assessments are:

  • Technical Baseline Assessment designed to inventory and evaluate the existing systems and their configurations
  • Security Risk Assessment designed to evaluate the system security implementation and to identify specific risks and areas of concern
  • System Performance Assessment designed to evaluate system performance and investigate performance issues/concerns

The results of an assessment are documented in an Assessment Report. Each report contains the consultant's findings, recommendations, risks and system configuration details. Priorities are assigned to each recommendation and risk identified. The Assessment Report is reviewed with the customer to determine the next steps. VIADUCT assists the customer in developing the migration plan to move the current environment to the new environment.

Assessments are offered as individual services or as part of larger project engagement.


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