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VIADUCT Services: Technical Support


Technical Support

Tech Support

The unavoidable subject of technical support. VIADUCT, LLC clients experience a different kind of support relationship, it's more personal and one-on-one, than what others offer. Our approach is proactive with an emphasis is on problem avoidance. We don't expect our clients to know how everything goes together and plays together, that's our job.

Not everything is perfect, even though it should be. How many of us buy a new car and pay special attention to the warranty period. Technology has advanced to the point where the reliability of computer components and peripherals are measured in MTBF's (Mean Time Between Failures) predictions of tens of thousands of hours. The reliability challenge today is a different animal than just a few years ago;

Obsolescence: It's not just the hardware, it's the changes in operating systems, staying current with OS updates, file support changes between application levels, staying current with applications and patches. Another term for rapid obsolescence is “currency”, the challenge of staying current.

Viruses: A subject that must not be ignored. One of our best clients in the Real Estate industry had a system that just was not performing and asked VIADUCT, LLC to investigate. They hold the record at VIADUCT, with over 7,000 viruses, spyware and adware's on a single desktop. There are several excellent Anti-Virus software applications available for all sizes of business, from small to corporate, for desktops and for servers. Some are lower cost than others but the first time a business is shut down and systems lost by a virus is the last time cost is an issue.

Hacker: The first line of defense against a hacker is a firewall. Firewall's come in many shapes and sizes, and range in cost from under $100 up to several thousand. A firewall is like a one way mirror, it allows the users behind it to look out to the internet but only those you want to look in, the ability to look. You can also control where someone on the outside is able to look..


Physical security

  • Theft of systems or their contents
  • Power loss, brown outs or surges and the damage they can cause
  • Overheating, dust, spillage or neglect
  • Fire, flood and in our case earth quakes

System Security

  • Administrative control
  • Password protection, password structure and rotation
  • Virus protection
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Popups
  • Firewalls and encryption

Data Security

  • Your company records
  • Financials & accounts, tax records, payroll, attorney and accountant records
  • Regular file saves
  • Regular backup of files
  • Offsite backup
  • Disk mirroring or RAID
  • Remote storage

Employee security

  • Personal records and information
  • Personal computer files

Customer and Vendor security

  • Project files
  • Non-disclosure information
  • Restricted access especially where your customers and their customers records are concerned
  • Litigation protection


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