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VIADUCT Services: IT Planning and Strategy


IT Planning and Strategy

VIADUCT, LLC can help companies create a technology vision. We will spend time understanding the business requirements, what they have today and where they want to be tomorrow. That's where we can help; we understand where technology can take them, not just tomorrow but into the future.

Some questions to ask:

What business challenges are you are trying to address?
Future considerations

  • Budget (Understand then plan)
  • Company acquisitions (IT consolidations)
  • Local & remote locations (Are you expanding?)
  • Number of employees (Are you growing?)
  • Business diversification (Adding to your portfolio?)
  • Security (Are new security laws creating headaches)

Performance & throughput bottlenecks?

Storage growth and resiliency - (Storage requirements are doubling each year))
Increased graphical requirements (Graphical content is essential today)
Web conferencing and presentations (Can reduce the companies travel budget)
Microsoft or Open Operating Systems (The choice can reduce operating costs)
Is your office workforce mobile (Wireless may make things a lot easier)
Disaster recovery (How critical is your business data)

  • What happens to your business if your computers are down?
  • Remote failover systems (Do you need 99.99% uptime?)
  • Off-site backup storage (Do not keep your data backups on site)

What are you trying to do but don't know how?
Are your customers more current than you?


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