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VIADUCT Services: IT Migration


IT Migration

VIADUCT, LLC uses a 5 step methodology:

Step 1. Initial Assessment
The initial assessment or, “discovery phase”, takes a high level look at the scope of a migration effort and helps the client understand the solutions available and create a vision for the future. It will outline the resource requirements and provide a risk assessment.

Step 2. Full Assessment
A detailed study will be made of the hardware, software and user environments comprising the entire computing infrastructure. A revised risk assessment and a migration plan are developed to address all the steps and resources involved in moving from the old to new technology solution. Every effort will be made to preserve the client's prior investment in their proprietary application solutions and databases.

Step 3. Migration
The development stage where applications and data bases are ported, and unique peripherals for which software must be generated.

Step 4. Validation
The new hardware, operating system(s), applications, networks, peripherals, controllers, drivers and new security systems etc. must all be exhaustively integration tested to ensure their correct operation.

Step 5. Implementation
The equipment will have been staged by VIADUCT staff to efficiently install and bring up the new computing environment. This phase has the greatest impact on the employees and every effort is taken to help them with the transition.


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