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VIADUCT Services: Backup and Recovery Assessment


Backup and Recovery Assessment

How safe is your business, is the data secure? Just a simple question but many business owners take it for granted; systems will never fail, someone else is taking care of it. How many companies procrastinate on their responsibility to perform backups to ensure their files, financial records, customer records, vendor records and employee records are safe?

  • File storage requirements almost double each year creating an issue where the backup technology cannot handle the size requirements resulting in data loss. Do you have adequate storage space?
  • The backup solution in use by a customer may be impractical and too time consuming. It's as simple as finding the right solution, just ask us.
  • The software in use by a client may be limited in the size of data it can backup. (This happened to a client and it hung the processes on their system for months and they didn't know)
  • The actual restore process has never been tested. (The hardest way to find out is when you need it)
  • One company we helped, their backups had NEVER worked even though they appeared to be. (Call us, we can introduce you to the owner of this construction company)

There are many affordable backup solutions available today that can provide fast and effective levels of data security. VIADUCT, LLC can evaluate the entire backup and recovery process to ensure the safety of your business.

The bottom line: DON'T TAKE RISKS. .


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