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Helping companies to safely move their business and computing environment to new technology.

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Technology is moving so fast...



Obsolete: ob-so-lete, adjective 1: a: no longer in use b: of a kind or style no longer current

Security: se-cu-ri-ty, adjective 1: the quality or start of being secure: as a: freedom from danger: SAFETY b: freedom from fear or anxiety c: measures taken to guard against sabotage, crime or attack

Virus: vi-rus, noun 1: the causative agent of an infectious disease 2: a computer program usually hidden within another seemingly innocuous program that produces copies of itself and inserts them into other programs and that usually performs a malicious action (as destroying data)

Hacker: hack-er, noun 1: one that hacks 2: an expert at programming and solving problems with a computer 3: a person who illegally gains access to and sometimes tampers with information in a computer system

IT: i-t, abbreviation 1: information technology 2: of, or relating to a computer infrastructure

Viaduct: via-duct, the solution 1: a long elevated roadway usually consisting of a series of short spans supported on arches, piers, or columns 2: The Bridge to new technology.

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