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Helping companies to safely move their business and computing environment to new technology.

Security, Security, Security

Security: se-cu-ri-ty, adjective 1 : the quality or state of being secure: as a : freedom from danger: SAFETY b : freedom from fear or anxiety c : measures taken to guard against espionage or sabotage, crime, attack, or escape.

Businesses rely on computers, from accounting to CAD (Computer Aided Design); but as the demand for ease of use and access to shared resources increase, so do exposures to security threats. Where do you begin to assess and ease security risks to your business?


Security means different things to different people depending upon individual experiences. Likewise, security in business encompasses many different aspects that require individual scrutiny and careful consideration. Most companies today use computers at some level to operate their business. As the demand for ease of use and access to shared resources increase, so do the exposures to security threats. What many business owners don't know is that the greatest threat to a business computer environment is from its own employees. With regard to computers, there are several security categories to be considered:


  1. Physical security
  2. System security
  3. Data security

Each of these categories breaks down into multiple areas to be evaluated and any associated risk recognized and a solution identified. For example, physical security is any circumstance, normal or abnormal that would cause physical damage to the system. (Locating a server in the furnace room is a really bad idea, or placing a computer next to the water cooler). System security includes measures to prevent unauthorized access through the network, or internally by an employee. Data security includes taking steps to prevent theft and to ensure that business record data is stored, backed up and archived safely. Legislation demands the protection of confidential client and employee information placing total responsibility on corporate officers for failures to comply.

VIADUCT, with over 45 years experience in computer technology and operations, has helped business and education to evaluate and deal with complex computer security exposures. By first understanding the unique infrastructure of a business, we may find simple and inexpensive ways to reduce or eliminate risk. We have helped companies with existing internal IT resources to independently assess their technology and security.

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